Elves are magical beings, that are skilled with the bow. These human like creatures, are very mature, and believe everyone has a good heart, which inspite of their caring nature, usually get easily led, to evil and disaster. These folk are easily fooled, by imposter kings, queens and even god. 

Elf name, occupation and characteristics.                       Home.
Anthonie, President: Is tall for this kind, have black hair, wears only some what fine clothing, and sometimes wears a hat. Has brown eyes. Antlanticas
Armando, boss: is average height never takes his dirty beanie off, is quite bulk and wears thin clothes. Red, blue and brown. His eyes are light blue.                       Antlanticas, water factory               

Places, services and locations that Elves live, work and communicate. Much of them - Tour guides of the most beautiful locations, known to man.

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